Try trout fishing in Tasmania’s crystal clear waters

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With abundant bodies of pristine water scattered throughout the island, trout fishing in Tasmania is hard to beat.

But it is not just 3,000-plus rivers and lakes that mark the region as one of the world’s finest angling destinations – the unique clarity of the water is ideally suited to spotting and catching large brown and rainbow trout.

Supply is plentiful and you are virtually guaranteed to make a decent catch in the lowland rivers, calm lagoons or at Great Lake – especially if you go with one of the many expert guides, who have an intimate knowledge of the best places to fish and can provide handy tips.

Among the state’s most popular locations are the rivers and streams of the northern midlands and the lakes of the central highlands, where you will discover shallow shorelines that are perfect for wading out and getting close to leaping rainbow trout.

On the Central Plateau, Arthurs Lake offers visitors the opportunity to explore native bushland and discover why the area is renowned for its superb brown trout population.

Other must-visit trout fishing locations in Tasmania include Penstock and Nineteen Lagoons – with the rocky and sandy shores giving anglers shallow water to ply their trade – along with Brumby’s Creek, Macquarie River and Huon River.

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  • I truly believe that Tasmania offers the ultimate in trout fishing. Its myriad rivers, streams and lakes are an angler’s paradise. Tasmania is an internationally sought-after trout fishing destination with more than 3,000 lakes and rivers. Particularly unique to the island are the clear rivers and lakes, ideal for sight fishing and catching large brown and rainbow trout. I hope I can revisit the places within the year.

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