Take the challenge of rock climbing in Tasmania

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As Australia’s most mountainous state, rock climbing in Tasmania is ideal for adventure enthusiasts looking for a wide range of potential locations and diverse landscapes.

Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a novice with a thirst for the outdoors, there will be a cliff face to suit your ability and confidence.

For those seeking a challenge at the more difficult end of the scale, the island state’s coastal stacks and fluted cliffs offer you a chance to test your skills on glorious high peaks with dramatic views.

With so many wonderful isolated areas that are perfect for exploring, you will be able to climb free of crowds and enjoy the unique experience in a peaceful atmosphere.

The two dolerite stacks – the Totem Pole and the Candlestick – rise up to 60 metres above the Southern Ocean and form part of the Tasman National Park. Here you can truly test yourself against nature, with some spectacular visual rewards to go along with your adrenalin rush.

More casual climbers should consider walking the Overland Track, where you can scale Mount Ossa – the highest peak at 1,617 metres – of the famous jagged profile of Cradle Mountain. To the south you can attempt the Frenchmans Cap at 1,446 metres.

It is important to remember that in Tasmania the weather can be unpredictable, so adhering to safety regulations and checking with the local ranger is paramount.

There are a number of adventure companies throughout the state which can take you out for an unforgettable day of sightseeing and climbing. You could also organise a group booking to take a daytrip with friends or family – a great idea for birthdays or buck’s parties.

Clambering up the side of some of the country’s most impressive mountains is something you will talk about for years to come.

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