Bring your board to Tasmania’s great surf beaches

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Surfing in Tasmania can be an unforgettable experience, with some of Australia’s finest waves to be found across many parts of the spectacular coastline.

While great conditions are obviously the major drawcard for any serious surfer, there are a number of other advantages to bringing your board down to the island state or hiring one and testing your skills for the first time.

One of the major benefits is that you will always find a great ride somewhere. The diversity of Tasmania’s landscape is also reflected in its waters, so if you are prepared to travel between various points of the island you never have to miss out.

Even though the sand is often pure white and the turquoise water is a pleasure to swim in, Tasmanian beaches provide the rare treat of never being crowded. You will truly feel like you’ve found an exotic surf haven away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Park and Clifton beaches near Hobart are two favourite spots for locals and visitors alike, while the east coast stretch from Orford to Bicheno will always throw up some nice waves somewhere.

To the south, try out Bruny Island’s Cloudy Bay – it faces the Southern Ocean and is known for its big breaks.

Shipstern Bluff on the south-eastern coast is regarded as the home of Australia’s heaviest wave – a must-surf for the really adventurous traveller.

You can also find a quality swell at South Cape Bay – as long as you’re prepared to make the seven-km bushwalk carrying your board through the World Heritage Area to reach this highly-rewarding destination.

Bass Strait creates consistent waves along the north coast, with highlights including Tam O’Shanter north-east of Launceston and Mersey Mouth at Devonport.

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