A farm stay in Tasmania is a unique experience

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There is surely no better way to meet friendly, down-to-earth Australians whilst enjoying a magical landscape and way of life than to take part in a farm stay in Tasmania.

Many wonderful local families are willing to open their homes to people who are interested in learning more about rural activities and experiencing a completely different way of life to what they might be used to.

Your time can be spent as one of the family – living in the home, waking up early in the mornings to get involved in the day’s work and sharing meals.

Alternatively, some hosts offer self-catering luxury accommodation for visitors seeking a country adventure with a little bit of style.

Wherever you decide to go, the one certainty is that a unique experience awaits you. These stays offer a rare chance to gain an in-depth understanding of the island and its people – something you’ll be unlikely to ever forget.

You may find yourself helping a farmer milk a cow, rounding up some sheep, feeding a deer herd, or picking grapes in the Tamar Valley or east coast.

City-livers will love getting up close to the source of some of Australia’s finest fresh produce and – better yet – giving it a taste test.

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  • admin says:

    Hi Stella
    The farm mentioned is Curringa Farm – it is just over one hour from Hobart just beyond the town of Hamilton in the Derwent Valley.
    Sarah Song visited Curringa during her visit to Tasmania last year and was very impressed with her visit to this property. She toured with Chef Wong. We are sure you will find this an authentic farm experience. It is a fully working farm. Your stay will be personal and friendly as there is only a small amount of accommodation on location. It’s just you and perhaps one other with the farmer and the animals. If touring from Hobart – it makes a great base to end your day after visiting Russell Falls and the Mt Field area.

  • Stella Wong says:

    I want to know the name or website about the farm you mentioned.

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