Backpacking in Tasmania for a budget holiday

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Whether you're an international visitor or holidaymaker from mainland Australia, backpacking in Tasmania will be an unforgettable experience for any travel enthusiast on a budget.

The island state is home to fun and friendly backpacker-style accommodation, with great hostels located in all major towns and adjacent to renowned national parks.

Tasmania is ideally explored unrestricted, once you've dropped off your luggage. Heading into the wilderness or along a glorious coastline with nothing but your backpack may turn out to be one of the most liberating and exciting times of your life.

With relatively short distances between major attractions and an extensive coach system, backpackers can cover the island cheaply and efficiently – stopping at each new destination to meet locals and fellow travellers at a hostel.

Small groups or couples can stay in private rooms at cheaper rates than you will find in hotels, while single travellers always appreciate the chance to make friends and save money by checking into a dormitory.

Buildings generally have shared bathroom, laundry and kitchen facilities, along with communal dining and living areas.

Those on a tight budget might also like to consider earning some extra cash along the way by getting involved in casual harvest picking.

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  • admin says:

    Camping would be a great way to explore Tasmania with February also offering suitable weather for you. Schools have gone back by that time so you should find space in most locations.
    Most camping spots are under the auspices of Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Dept
    This should be your first call and our Visitor Centres will also assist with on the ground help.

    Trust that assists.

  • Eileen says:

    Hi I am going to be travelling tazmania for the first two weeks of february and i am wondering how I can do it the cheapest way possible. I dont mind camping or anything like that I have my own tent nd willing to rough it. Just want to get the best experience I can.

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