A Tasmanian surfing trip is hard to beat

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A Tasmanian surfing holiday at this time of year is a treat of exquisite waves, uncrowded beaches and an ideal mild summer climate.

One of the best parts of a surfing tour to the island state is that you will always find a great ride, as long as you are prepared to travel.

And since Tasmania is a smorgasbord of natural beauty and fine hospitality, few adventurers would begrudge driving across this remarkable state in search of a great break.

The southern-most beaches in Australia are often largely secluded, providing visitors with the unique opportunity to be alone on the water and take all the best waves.

Park and Clifton Beaches are favourite spots near Hobart, while Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula is a reliable place to find a quality set including the famed Shipsterns Bluff (‘Shippies’ to its friends).

Along the east coast from Orford to Bicheno you are guaranteed to find a worthwhile break, so it could be worth packing your board and heading off for a great daytrip.

Those keen on bigger swells will favour beaches further to the south such as Bruny Island's Coudy Bay or South Cape Bay, which is accessible from Cockle Creek.

There are also some remarkable surf locations along the north coast of the state including Tam O'Shanter to the north-east of Launceston and the impressive Mersey Mouth at Devonport.

Tasmania’s most well known West Coast location, where big waves roll in regularly, is Green Point Beach at Marrawah – its was one of the beaches used for the O’Neill Cold Water Classic series up until mid 2011.

Bass Strait generates excellent waves at a string of northern beaches, making this region a highlight of any surf holiday in Tasmania.

Stunning Marrawah near Greens Point

Surf's running at Marrawah, North West Tasmania

Enormous Waves at Shipsterns Bluff - storm October 2011

Clifton Beach just 20mins from downtown Hobart. Image Credit: Alex Wise

Largest wave surfed in Tasmania - South West, Eddystone Point

An incredible Clifton Beach wrap Image Credit: Alex Zawadzki

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