Movie premiere for THE HUNTER in Hobart

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Many movies have been filmed in Tasmania but none is drawing the attention and anticipation of audiences like The Hunter filmed here last year. Its director and stars have praised Tasmania as an evocative location. The movie premieres tonight in Hobart with Willem Dafoe in attendance.

The star of the movie has been quoted as saying ‘it is a magical place to film, it is so far away from everything and has special charm’. On ABC TripleJ Willem admitted to being a fan of Tassie, its people and especially its food.

Sam Neill described a comparison between NZ – his home turf – and Tasmania (a comparison made by many), saying ‘that it was Australia, a sort of idealised version of Australia, like Australia should be’ in clips released by the film’s producers, Madman Films.

Director Daniel Nettheim said ‘At various points, I could turn 360 degrees and be amazed at what we could shoot here … it’s got it all!’. Many holiday visitors express the same wonder; especially if armed with a camera.

The movie had its World Premiere at the Toronto Film Festival two weeks ago, with high praise and many international distributors and audiences there fascinated at the landscapes portrayed in the film. The late great ABC helicopter pilot Gary Ticehurst again achieved great art (as he has done with countless Sydney to Hobart Yacht Races), in facilitating the aerial shots, which are a feature of the movie.

There is a competition to win 20 double tickets to Australian Movie Theatres when the movie opens for screening on 6 October.
Entry can be made until 3 October here.

The Hunter. Photo by Matt Nettheim

The Hunter. Photo by Matt Nettheim.

THe HUNTER Movie Poster

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  • admin says:

    Sure has, it is playing in the USA now and is available for download viewing on all the USA/Canada Cable and online video services. United Kingdom is next. Don’t know the figures but if you follow #THEHUNTER on Twitter you will see an impressive flow through of remarks about it. Madman Films may be able to help you with figures. Not our call.

  • Brad says:

    The Hunter has certainly received some local attention and won some awards, but how much has it grossed internationally?

    Has it even been released internationally?

  • admin says:

    We know that the Country Store was and Servo at Westerway up near Russell Falls and Mt Field National Park … not sure about the pub. Perhaps we can find out from Madman Films.

  • roslyn maddox says:

    I am Tasmanian born and bred( west coast).And very proud to say so. I now live in NSW. I thought the film was fantastic!!!!. The dvd was realeased on the eve of me taking my English born husband to see my wonderful home state.(he has never been to Tassie). I would love to know where the pub is that was featured in the movie. Does anyone know?

  • Laurina Brooks says:

    Just saw The Hunter and loved it, great storyline and beautiful scenery of my beloved Tasmania where I was born.
    Certainly makes you homesick.

  • peter lyall says:

    I’m from Here in Tassie and have treked through some of the most beautiful areas of Tasmania. including Cradle mountain partk. But the place I like going to the most is Little Fisher Valley its so so beautiful. I have not seen the movie yet but I plan to.

  • anne hooper says:

    I live n the uk and would love to see the movie and purchase the video when released.Two years ago my hubby and I spent 3 weeks in Tassie to visit relatives and we were shown around by them to some amazing places and must say there is no where else in the world so naturally beautiful.
    Would love to go back .

  • Karen Elphinstone says:

    I am Tasmanian born and bred, now living in SA. I loved the film and the beautiful views of a beautiful state that is still very close to my heart.

  • I am from Sydney and have travelled to Tassie 3 times (I like it that much). Will go again one day, given the chance. Regards, Glenn.

  • I would really love to see this movie.

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