Devils’ Advocates honoured for animal research

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A group of top Tasmanian scientists known as the Devils’ Advocates has been awarded a major prize for their work researching one of the island state’s most iconic animals.

The team, which includes leading researchers from the University of Tasmania’s School of Zoology, the Save the Tasmanian Devil program at the Tasmanian Animal Health Library and the Menzies Institute, was presented with the Sherman Eureka Prize for Environmental Research this week.

The Devils’ Advocates’ research focuses on Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease – a fatal and contagious condition that affects these endangered creatures.

Tasmanian devils have captured the imagination of visitors to the island state for centuries and you may want to stop at the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park to learn more about these fascinating creatures during your stay.

The conservation park is located in an isolated, disease-free area and is closely affiliated with several research projects focused on the protection of these animals.

During your visit to the park – which is approximately one hour’s drive from Hobart on the Port Arthur Highway – you’ll have the opportunity to see Tasmanian devils feeding, with times scheduled throughout the day.

You’ll also have the chance to see a range of other iconic Australian animals and even hand-feed kangaroos and friendly wallabies.

Tasmanian Devil © by jennifrog

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