Stanley, north-west coast. Tied up securely in the fishing dock, thanks to Clint Walker from the Seaview Inn, and berth owner, Michael Hardy. Since our arrival a number of other VDLC vessels have turned up and we have assisted where possible. I don’t know that there has ever been a vessel like the Dana Felicia here and between the two of us we are creating some interest among the local fishos.

We have motored from Beauty Point through to Stanley today and sit under the shadow of the prominent ‘Nut’. With a gale warning announced on the 1630h weather sked we were pleased to only be an hour or so away from Stanley at that time. As part of my seamanship training by the skipper I’ve been looking carefully at the sky over the past 2 weeks. The photos below, I hope, will give you an idea of how a sky changes as the weather does. I certainly can’t predict anything yet, but the more I watch, the more I learn.

Stanley as it appears on the chart

1657h benign, but a change on the way - The Nut ahead

1717h change coming

1723h thickening up

1757h change is here, but now not far to go

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  • Bob Blackman says:

    Do you have an email address for Fordplay?
    I have a some photos of them under way taken from Westwind
    I would like to forward them

  • Lois Ryan says:

    Lovely to hear from you!

  • Janet Woollan says:

    Hola Miss Lois and Cpn Nick! Love the blog, the gorgeous snaps, the fab descriptions. Will make Mark Kelleher’s Antarctic slide show tomorrow look a bit pathetic I’m sure! (wonder if he’ll hand out Jaffas??). My friends who just got back from the Antarctic, Falklands, South Georgia Is and travelled Drake Passage have told me that you can actually see too many penguins! (also mentioned the smell). My other friends left today to tango in Buenos Aires (BA doncha know darlin’), will pop over the Uruguay for the day, and mosey on down to Patagonia where I don’t think they have ever seen a tree. Anyway, Jude fed us tempura zucchini flowers at your place on Friday night – thanks for letting us go over – you have a lovely house and garden and we made lots of money from the sale of your clothes Lois! There were also some very interestingly shaped giant zuchs and I have one at home, about to build it a kennel and give it a name. Julian took a very bendy one to the gay guy he works with (I suggested he should have taken him a couple of tiny cherry tomatoes to go with it). Anyway have my car back and whiplash is getting better all the time. Lucky you are not here – very cold today, snow on the big hill – welcome to Autumn. Anyway, continue to have a blast, calm seas and balmy air. Love J

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