Walking the Overland Track

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We see many photos and much footage come across our desks from amateur and professional photographers. Images provide the visual clues to our spoken and written words; the things we need to get the message out there about Tasmania.

A facebook page and blog however has featured the most awe inspiring and well filmed (video’d) footage of a family group doing Tasmania’s famous Overland Track. Mentioned by trekkers the world over as one that has to be ‘knocked off’ from a redoubtable bucket list of incredible walks on this globe, this video exposes the beauty, the incredible changes of vista, the green, the wide open spaces, the austerity, the challenging and the wistful. Everything that this track throws at people – good and bad.

So thanks to this blog and facebook page.
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Here’s the video:

Overland Track from rfphotographics on Vimeo.

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  • admin says:

    Think you would be wise to obtain the *exact* GPS waypoints from Tasmania Parks & Wildlife.

  • allan says:

    please can you send me the gps waypoints for the overland track we have just purchsed your information on the treck

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