15 miles off Three Hummock Island. From the sked this morning we hear that most boats are on the move again. At Stanley last night we had a couple of new-comers and as we head to the Fleurieu (Hunter) Group there are vessels dotted around us. Some will be coming to Three Hummock, others may keep going to Strahan. As usual, it depends on the weather and how people are feeling about where to go and what to do. For every vessel the cruise is a different experience but weather and other conditions are central to everybody’s planning.

We heard that the elusive Perky was delivering fish dinners last night around the Hunter Group. We did get a sighting of him in Stanley one day – drove in, waved, did a 360 and drove out again. What an iconoclast.

With nearly 4 bars showing on the dongle I should be able to add a few pictures before I post this, and then I think we may be out of range for a day or so.

Below is a small selection of some of the boats I have photographed. If you are on the cruise and want a copy of any please add a comment and I will email you.

Beyond The Narrows

Great Sandy is a Tasmanian boat returned from Noosa for the VDLC

Big Bill's boat....

Visscher, a neat Steber 38 likes a bit of fishing

Tradition takes on Dana Felicia

Weiry having a dream of a time

Perky pops in then pi$$es off again

....and they didn't even look our way! (can you name these RYCT members?)

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  • Richard Batt says:

    Hello Lois,
    I hope you are having a great time.
    There must have been something very intriguing ashore to keep the Old Man, Perky and Captain Martin so interested!
    Best Wishes

  • sally says:

    Hi Lois,
    Saw the beaut picture of Great Sandy. Brought back lovely memories of when we cruised in her.
    She was built in our backyard at Cygnet.
    Keep up all the photos and blogs. It is so interesting reading them.
    Cheers Sally

  • Hi Lois – it was great to meet you all today – we thoroughly enjoyed your company – so pleased you could visit this beautiful island – our home! We wish you a wonderful trip down the west coast. Please coma back again for a visit – you are very welcome X

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