Before telling you about our passage to Maria Island from the beautiful Carnarvon Bay today, a quick recap on our adventures ashore on the Tasman Peninsula yesterday.
As soon as we were tied up securely two crew put the dinghy in the water and headed over to the public wharf at Port Arthur. From there we had an excellent walk around the foreshore to Stuart’s Bay. We posted a couple of letters at the local store, and then nipped back to the wharf via the outskirts of the convict site at Port Arthur.

Meanwhile the crew left aboard on fishing duty were catching some calamari. Barbequed with a bit of oil, and served with lemon and salt. Delicious. And that was just the entree!

As for today, well, what an experience. Carnarvon Bay was picture perfect as we dropped the mooring at 07:15. We motored at around 8.2, and had a fairly bumpy ride through ‘the hole in the wall’ – between Cape Pillar and Tasman Island – and as it was my first time through I wore shorts and ugg boots to mark the occasion. Luckily no photos were taken.

09:45 and a nice albacore on the line. That’s a fish for those of you who don’t know – and in some places (not Tasmania) people pretend it’s tuna.

With a south-west change approaching we were pleased to drop anchor in Oyster Bay around 13:00, with Maria Island as our splendid backdrop for the rest of the day and evening ahead.
Barometer – don’t know, I’d have to get up and look
Grumpometer – sleeping, so I can’t ask him to look either
Fishometer – excellent!

Port Arthur - an incredible heritage site

No squid ink on me!

Can 'ardly believe our luck in Canarvon Bay

No need to raid the freezer tonight

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