Try jet boating in Tassie for an adrenalin rush

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Tasmania is renowned for its adventure sports, with pristine waters, rugged mountain ranges and beautiful forests combining to create a haven for outdoor thrills.

One of the most exciting options visitors have on a journey to this spectacular corner of the world is a day of jet boating.

This is a completely different way to explore the plethora of rivers tracing their way through the scenic countryside of the island state.

Your adventure will combine picturesque views with an extreme adrenalin rush you are bound to remember for a long time.

Gripping your seat tightly, you will feel the spray of water on your face and the wind in your hair as an experienced jet boat operator guides you down the river at exhilarating speeds.

If racing through rapids is not enough excitement for you, most drivers are also likely to throw in some 360 degree spins and breathtaking turns.

During the quieter moments, your guide will talk about the history of the region.

Trips can be organised on the Derwent, Huon or mighty King rivers among others.

Best of all, jet boating in Tasmania is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness and experience on the water. 

Huon Jet Boat in Full Tilt

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