Sorry, but you do have to see just one more photo of dolphins. Yesterday, at Binalong Bay, between the boat and the beautiful beach, we were paddling our kayaks and couldn’t believe our luck. In fact, the first fin out of the water gave us a bit of a shock, but once we realised we were not potential dinner for a shark, we shrieked with delight to see dolphins at such close quarters.

Ashore we bought fresh milk, posted another letter (letter writing being an odd practice these days perhaps, but something my sister-in-law is single-handedly trying to retain), and had a general nose around. Binalong Bay has some very pretty holiday rentals as well as well-presented homes. My memory of it, however, will be for unbelievable clarity of colour. If there isn’t a paint called Binalong Blue, after the water, or Binalong Sky, after the sunset, I’m going to register the names!

With a few other boats also at anchor in the same location we hosted a small pre-dinner drinks party and a good time was had by all. Tall tales and true were swapped, and parting gifts of sashimi tuna and a lure – so our guests could catch their own next time – were proffered. We wait to hear how successful they have been.

The last dolphin photo I promise

Closer encounters by kayak

The very pretty Binalong Bay

Seriously, how's this for a sunset?

Making new friends is all part of the journey

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  • Helve says:

    Hi Guys
    Just spotted new update from today’s adventures. Love the dolphin photos!! And others too of course!! I think I have lost my job as the official boating photogarapher. What a wonderful part of Tasmania you are in at the moment. As a child we spent most summers camping at ‘The Gardens’ which is slightly north of Binalong Bay. The beach there called the Bay of Fires is well known as the Lonely Planet’s number one choice in 2009 as the most beautiful beach in the world. Say hello as you pass by!! The weather looks much kinder in the top end and I hope it continues for your journey to Flinders Island. Looking forward to more spectacular shots and we wish the fishermen continued success.
    Sweet dreams.
    Helve xx

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