Travel along the Heritage Highway

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Tasmania is jam-packed with areas of  historical and cultural significance.

You can discover some this island's rich past by travelling the Heritage Highway.

It's a two day journey on average, but can take longer if you want to take more time to stop and smell the roses – or the lavender!

Begin your experience at Ben Lomond and the historic Evandale village in the north. Then, you will head through the pastoral centre of the island, winding your way to Hobart.

Not only will you get to know the convict and penal history of Tasmania and Australia, you'll learn a whole lot about the colonial community, too. Settlers farmed since the early 1800s and quaint townships such as Perth, Longford, Ross, Oatlands, Campbell Town and Kempton retain their old worldly charm with historic buildings and antique stores. There are also plenty of well-preserved old homes once in the possession of landed gentry for you to explore.

Try stopping by Evandale on a Sunday, as this is when the town comes alive with the arts and crafts market. When you're there be sure to make a stop at the fabulous Clarendon House for an insight into an old way of life.

Oatlands is fantastic for its Georgian architecture and local hospitality, while Cressy is a great spot for brown trout fishing, so spend a day out on the waters of the Macquarie River there.

Of course, once you get to Hobart there is still plenty of history for you to discover. Sandstone streets hark back to an earlier time, and nearby the expansive convict settlement of Port Arthur and all its secrets and mysteries await you. Hire a car and get going!

The beautiful convict built Ross Bridge

The township of Cressy, centre of trout fishing has these charming street signs

Pick up a game of 'Skullduggery' which allows you to explore in a game

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