Top 3 tracks for experienced hikers

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What better way to see more of Tasmania than through some of its spectacular walks? If you love to get amongst nature, then a good long walk is one of the most enjoyable ways of getting to know some of Tassie's most beautiful areas.

While there are scores of fantastic hikes to be had on this island, here are some of the top, multi-day picks for the seasoned walker. 

The Walls of Jerusalem

This amazing trail is recommended for experienced hikers only and not for beginners. Weather conditions can be harsh at any time of year, so only head out on this walk if you know what you're doing and have the right equipment – including a tent.

If you're qualified, however, the rewards of this walk can be immense. Set amongst beautiful highlands you will see all sorts of scenery ranging from forests, alpine vegetation, lakes, mountain peaks and more.

No matter what the season, you can experience snow, rain, sun, sleet and wind here – often with a complete four seasons within a day – so come prepared. Plan your journey, choose your tracks and decide how long you'll be walking for.

According to Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania, you'll need navigational skills and equipment, warm clothes, plenty of energy-rich food, reliable walking boots and hydration. In addition you'll need a map, tent, trowel and fuel stove.

As the environment is extremely fragile, you must be very careful of your impact upon it and not leave anything behind or damage it in any way.

Experienced hikers can have a great time in this most majestic of landscapes, so grab a couple of your most reliable walking buddies and head out into the wilderness.

The Overland Track

The Overland is known as Australia's iconic bushwalk. It runs for 65km and can be tackled in around six days.

If you decide to walk this trail, you'll get to experience the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park as well as part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Through this track you can witness a variety of beautiful scenery, including forests, meadows, mountains and waterfalls.

It's also a great place to plan your own, unique adventure, as there are many sidewalks you can take to make your trip longer or more diverse.

You'll definitely need to be prepared for this track. Even though there are huts and campsites dotted throughout the walk, you still need to make sure you bring a tent, in case hut space is full or if you run into any problems. Bring all the right navigation tools, food, cooking equipment and clothing for all-weather conditions and you should be set!

Always remember to keep your food and rubbish well stored so that it doesn't attract any hungry wildlife.

The South Coast Track

This is another remote track for the well-experienced. Taking you through the Southwest National Park, you'll see some beautiful, rugged coastal scenery. However, you'll also be far from help so make sure you've had adequate Tasmanian experience and have plenty of equipment.

Make sure you bring all the essentials with you, such as a tent, raincoat, sleeping bag, fuel stove, warm clothes, sunhat, water, food and a map of the area, as this track can take six to eight days to complete. 

This walk can be challenging due to changes in altitude, difficult track conditions, and its remoteness. Be sure to stick to the path for your own safety, as well as to help conserve the environment. Always be aware of the local wildlife, especially on beaches where rare birds are often nesting.

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