Three short walks for magnificent snaps at Cradle

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Tasmania is an extremely photogenic state and you'll be hard pressed to find a prettier place to take a few snaps than along the Overland Track!

You'll find this track in the world famous Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. It's known for its unsurpassable beauty that's evident in every type of the area's varied terrain, from dense bush to volcanic plateaus.

The Overland Track stretches on for 65 kilometres, and is home to Cradle Mountain, Tasmania's highest peak. You can climb this peak, which reaches heights of 1,617 metres.

Short walks for great snaps

While the Overland Track spans 65 kilometres, that doesn't mean you have to hike the whole trail to view some of its highlights and make some fantastic memories. You can still see some great landmarks and natural beauty on a short walk.

It's also a great idea to stay a while in the region and do multiple short walks, as this can break up your adventures and means if you don't like camping you don't have to go bush to see this beautiful part of Tasmania!

If you would rather embark upon a shorter walk, why not head for a leisurely stroll along the Enchanted Walk? This is a 20 minute circuit walk, but it can take much longer if you decide to stop and gaze at the gorgeous views.

Take the whole family on this walk and check out the beautiful winding river and ethereal rainforest environment. Even though this is only a short walk, there is a huge variety of things to see, including moorland and even wombat burrows.

You will find the wombat burrows along the western bank of the Pencil Pine Creek, which will be signposted on the walk. Your best chance at catching sight of a wombat will be around dusk and dawn – so get your camera at the ready!

If you embark upon this walk, also get  your camera out for the beautiful variety of colourful plants and trees. Look out for the pandani, which looks a little bit like a palm tree! You will also want to take a few snaps of the plentiful beech trees, especially if you're walking the trail during autumn when the leaves turn gold and red.

The Crater Lake Circuit is a slightly longer walk – a two hour round trip. Hike the steep slopes that lead to Crater Lake with its mystical, dark waters. The tree life in this area is particularly atmospheric, bursting with colour and providing the perfect backdrop to family photographs.

Make sure you stop for a while at the Crater Falls, located in a cool temperate gully with sassafras and myrtle-beech trees. The kids will love exploring here, so it's great for a day out – bring a picnic lunch!

Lake Lovers will also want to traverse the Dove Lake Circuit. This is a two hour round trip, heading right around Dove Lake beneath the points and pinnacles of Cradle Mountain.

Make sure to stop off at Glacier Rock, where you can witness the remnants glaciers of days gone by through markings in the stone. Check out the scratches and striations left in the rock caused by glacial movements of the Ice Age.

The Ballroom Forest is another highlight of this walk, full of ancient trees, mossy forest floors and beautiful views of wide open skies.  

So why not head out on the Enchanted Walk, the Crater Lake Circuit or the Dove Lake Circuit? Remember that even though these walks are just day walks, conditions can change quickly, so always bring warm clothes and plenty of food and water. 

cradle mountain pencil pine creek walk - image credit: travelfolio

Enchanted walk Cradle Mountain - image credit: cradlemountain.net

View on the walk - image credit: 5downunder

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