The wonders of Cataract Gorge

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Only a two minute drive from Launceston is the Cataract Gorge Reserve, also known as 'The Gorge,' a wondrous natural formation that provides more than its fair share of adventure.

One of the Gorge's major appeals is that it's rare for such wilderness to be so close to a city. Usually you have to trek a little further to find your own piece of rugged paradise but not in this case, where abseiling, climbing, walks and hang gliding are only a few minutes away.

Of course, if you're keen on relaxing then there are options available to you. The Gorge's First Basin has a cafe, swimming pool and an open area where kids and families can run around and play. If you like picnic lunches or coffee dates with a view, then you can hang out at this chilled out scenic spot.

Now if you want the full range of entertainment then head to the north. Cliff Grounds hosts a beautiful garden with a kiosk, restaurant, pool, and lawns with a sheltered rotunda. As well as this there's a footbridge and chairlift across the river, as well as wildlife like wallabies and peacocks wandering the area.

If you head upstream, you'll find the old Duck Reach Power Station, which is now an Interpretation Centre. In the late 1800s this power station was lighting the city.

But back to the adventurous bits. If you're an adrenalin junkie, head for the skies and experience a controlled hang glide over an 18 metre cliff face to your landing space!

There's no shortage of fun – and even a bit of healthy fear – at the Cataract Gorge.

The chairlift across the Gorge

Cataract Gorge - the swing bridge and swimming pool clearly visible

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