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There's nothing like the feeling of looking out at a truly beautiful coastline and horizon, and that's what you get if you head to Strahan and other areas of Tasmania's West Coast.

Strahan is your perfect entryway to other parts of the west, located by the Macquarie Harbour. Nearby, there's even the perfect mini getaway in the form of a gorgeous island where you can see Little Penguins move around the beach as the night falls – an unforgettable and touching sight. 

Overall, Strahan is your link into the stunning World Heritage Wilderness Area.

Strahan explained

With beautiful sea views and a lovely waterfront to stroll along, it's the perfect relaxation destination. However, don't expect calm seas for paddling around in – this is truly an untamed area with rugged waves, and the power of nature is more than evident. 

It's also a town with a long and illustrious history. Once upon a time it acted as a bustling port for a nearby prosperous copper mine and is also close to the old convict settlement of Sarah Island.

Piners, miners, railway workers and fishermen occupied the town, no doubt meeting raucously at the pub nightly to let loose. Men worked in the bush to garner timber from Huon pine trees and the logs were even floated down the river back to the Strahan sawmill. There is still a sawmill in operation today, however only logs that have naturally fallen are processed as to preserve the forests.

Of course, the history of those who made their livelihoods on the seas must be mentioned, as they braved the rugged Southern Ocean waters from the harbour to make their catch.

What can you do?

Strahan has plenty of accommodation and facilities if you choose to stay there. Good food and wine are found wherever you turn, and considering the town's seaside location there is particularly fantastic seafood if you're that way inclined. Salmon and trout are particular highlights of the region, and don't leave town without trying some of the local lobster!

Not far from Strahan is also the beautiful Gordon River, so if you want to see the region's surroundings then it's worth jumping aboard a cruise here. The scenery on a cruise is magical as you will pass by ancient trees and rainforest, with bird and animal life thriving in the remoteness of it all.

Nearby Strahan there are a host of other beautiful little towns to visit. For instance, you might want to visit the old mining town of Roseberry, which has generated billions of dollars in copper, gold, zinc, silver and lead! Now you can see how these mines operated back in the day and gain an insight into Tasmania's mining and resources related history.

Not only this, but Roseberry is home to Montezuma Falls, Tasmania's highest and incredibly impressive waterfall.

The town of Tullah is also worth a visit. This is another former prosperous mining town, and is even worth a stay at its beautiful lakeside lodge that awaits you with views of Mount Farrell and Mount Murchison.

There are a number of great walks, hikes and trails for you to complete here – or if you're more adventurous you can even head off on a mountain bike.

Guides can also help you to explore the Henty River in canoes and sea kayaks for an especially unique experience.

Furthermore, jump aboard the adorably named Wee George Wood steam train, which travels for 1.6km around the town for a quick overview at what's there.

Beautiful Strahan from the Tassie Journey Instameet

Lighthouse at the entrance to Hells Gate

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