There is nothing like a road trip to make you feel you are on vacation.

Open expanses, farms, views of the upper harbour and rivers plus historic small towns are just some of the reasons you will want to pack your bags and head north from Hobart along the Heritage Highway.

For those planning a day trip out of this journey you might want to leave early because there are so many things to see and do.

Just 45 minutes north of Hobart is the small town of Kempton, which is home to Dysart House – an impressive mansion that is a testament to the area’s rich architectural history.

Kempton is also home to a number of other heritage-listed buildings that are sure to make you feel as if you are stepping back in time. Look out for the homestead Mount Vernon, one of the areas grand homes.

Another great place to stretch your legs is the historic town of Oatlands, a town known for its heritage flour mill and the largest collection of Georgian sandstone buildings in Australia. A former garrison town 80 kms north of Hobart and 115km south of Launceston it was important coaching stop for a time when horses were changed and a night off the road was required in a comfortable Inn. Oatlands was thought to be such an important town for a future time that surveyors laid out almost 80 kms of pre-planned streets and amenities.

Take time to explore the Topiary trees dotted around the township. There are more on the main road north created by the late Jack Cashion.

Today modern Oatlands is a service centre for a large surrounding farming community and thus it is a better choice for a coffee break before continuing on your journey. It has the usual array of modern facilities which blend successfully with the town’s historic past.

And while you are still on your way north you might want to take a turn off the beaten track to Bothwell, which golf enthusiasts will know as the home of Australia's first golf course.

It is now the place to go if you want information on the sport's history in Australasia due to its popular Golf Museum.

When it comes time for your afternoon pick me up there is no better stop than the Nant Estate to sample a superb single malt whiskey.

You might also want to ask the locals about the superb trout fishing while you are in the area.

You may reach as far north as Ross. With another of Tasmania’s most widely recognised convict constructed bridges, this was another town with a large female prison which supplied large numbers of women to serve in the area’s grand houses. Ross and Oatlands make up the two towns featured in a modern detective game ‘Skulduggery’ which recreates through real characters, the history of the area – there are written and ‘search-the-area’ clues in three episodes.

On the side of the road at number of locations you will see cut-out scuptured Silhouette figures depicting the characters of olden days. Soldiers, shepherds, highwaymen, road fixers, horses and coachmen.

Historic Oatlands Lodge

Heritage Highway Logo

National Trust Cottage in Oatlands

Tasmania's Heritage Highway Figures

Town of Ross view

Ross Bridge



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