The Basin, The Gordon, and Hawks Nest Cove

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Beyond Strahan, by water this time. An amazing couple of days – the history, the scenery, the calm, the air, the water. Again I felt very blessed to see it all, with friends, and in our own time.

The Gordon must have looked like Pitt Street on a Friday night to the people who usually work this neck of the world – an extra 40 or so boats in town certainly makes a difference. But, hey, we’ve added some colour and movement during what has apparently been one of the sunniest and best few days this summer in Strahan.

There have been a couple of incidents reported on the sked of boats, shall we say, coming into closer than required contact with the mud or rocks in Strahan Harbour and surrounds….. but that’s another story.

Rather than try and put it into words, I hope the photos tell the story of our two wonderful days.

Matching hats turn the Bobsie Twins into the Stavros Brothers

Remains of an old jetty at Kelly Basin

Shack at Kelly Basin

The remains of brick kilns at Pillinger were an eerie sight in the middle of the trees

Seeing this old boiler (from a timber mill) in the forest was even stranger!

Morning at Kelly Basin - there must be hundreds of photos like this

Following Dana Felicia up The Gordon, quite surreal

The green green banks of the Gordon

Chart plotter says 'no'.... you are on land... lucky we had the mud maps

Boats in Hawks Nest Cove as I scouted for a bbq spot on my kayak

Read the instructions? Nope, let's just all have a go....

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  • sally says:

    Looks lovely Lois. GPS often aren’t quite right in these type of
    areas. We have been told a few times we are on land!!!!
    May the rest of your trip be as much fun.
    Love the “men” photo all standing around the portable barbie….instructions..
    only woman read them.
    Cheers and safe sailing.

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