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Put on your dancing shoes, pair up with a partner and get ready to have fun with That Shady Groove contra dance!

If you love folk music and culture, you'll love this event – with no dancing experience required. It's a fantastic night for the whole family, with tickets $16 for adults, $13 for members and $5 for children under 14 where you can purchase them at the door.

Taking place on Saturday September 29, the standard of dress for the event is casual, with guests encouraged to bring along a plate of supper.

Arrive early at Wesley Hall in Hobart – a five minute walk from the city centre – to take part in a beginner's workshop from 19:30-19:45, to learn some basic moves.

Contra dance is a lively, swingin' dance style from America which is done to a simple walking step, with of course a lot of partner swinging! This dance style is fun and sociable, where you have the opportunity to meet new people as you whisk around the dancefloor.

The event will have the Hobart Old Time (HOT) string band providing entertainment and will feature special guest fiddler Sytske Hillenius, a member of the contra dance band Shady Groove from South Carolina.

A reviewer of Shady Groove's recent EP commented: "This EP is the product of four inspiring musicians, who've made an impressive run in the southeastern U.S. contra dance scene."

"This EP will have you dancing; whether [you're] on the dance hall floor, in the woods, or going 70 miles-per-hour down the interstate. Be careful with that last location, as these energetic tracks may have you pressing harder on that gas pedal… taking foot-stomping to a whole new level."

So get ready for a fun night of good ol' folk tunes and swingin' dances to keep you entertained in your stay in Tasmania.

The Wesley Building in Hobart (formerly The Mechanics Institute)

The same building under its original name The Mechanics Institute

Shady Groove will lead the way for the evening

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