Taste your way in Hobart with Gourmania Food Tours

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Any foodies out there looking to experience a unique slice of Tasmanian culture should definitely make a stop in Hobart and take part in a Gourmania Food Tour to enjoy local passions and the budding food scene!

Established in 2011 by pastry chef Mar McNeill, Gourmania offers two tours around Hobart that each expose you to a variety of different eating and drinking establishments.

You will get to try a range of Tasmanian wines and food, including fresh fish, meats, cheese, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

The four-hour City Tour focuses on indulging various tastes, giving you the chance to sample from the wide range of stores throughout Hobart and Salamanca Place.

Among the ten venues you'll have the opportunity to visit is the famous Jackman & McRoss patisserie – with cabinets full of delectable pies, tarts, pastries and more!

Or if you're after an easy afternoon experience, the Tea to Tapas tour will show you through some of the best restaurants and bars in the area.

Try some of Hobart's best coffee at the espresso bar Yellow Bernard, or nibble on local Tasmanian produce like the Pigeon Hole artisanal bread and satisfy your thirst with some regional wines.

The City Tour costs $120 per person and the Tea to Tapas tour costs $95. Both costs are all-inclusive, and booking is essential.

Delectable treats from the best outlets in Hobart - Image Credit Gourmania Tours Facebook

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