Tasmania’s photography ‘hotspots’

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The island of Tasmania is a truly beautiful place to capture wildlife, wilderness and history with your camera lens.

The 'nature state' is home to enchanting natural wonders such as the ancient Tarkine forest, spanning thousands of hectares of land.

You can also discover what natural structures and wildlife lie in the dark at the Hastings Caves, a 90-minute drive south of Hobart, or climb up the steep descent of Mount Wellington to snap glorious panoramic views of Tasmania from the summit.

Here are some of our favourite photography hotspots in Tasmania – whether it is ‘old-style’, instagram or facebook.
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Freycinet National Park

Freycinet, on the island's mild east coast, is the perfect picture of beauty, with white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters.

You can also pick up more stunning views on the various walks available, including the Wineglass Bay Lookout, Wineglass Bay/Hazards Beach circuit, Cape Tourville and the popular, three-day Freycinet Peninsula Circuit.

Cradle Mountain and Lake Dove

One of Tasmania’s most recognisable sights. Moody, intriguingly shrouded in cloud, yet when on around 35 days per year when it is clear and a blue sky day or portion of a day reveals its true beauty, it is one of Australia’s most loved pictures.

Cascade Brewery

Australia's oldest continuously operating brewery, the Cascade Brewery in south Hobart, is one historic building you really have to capture on your lens.

The brewery was established in the 1820s, and is nestled in the foothills of Mount Wellington.

You can get a taste of fine Tasmanian beer and soft drinks in a tour, or take a stroll around three acres of heritage 'Woodstock' gardens, capturing snapshot memories of the old building with Mount Wellington looming in the background.

World Heritage Convict sites

Tasmania is a place of great significance in Australia's history, with five of the eleven convict sites announced in the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2010, located on the island.

These include the famous Port Arthur and the Coal Mines Historic Site, Darlington Probation Station, Cascades Female Factory, Woolmers Estate and Brickendon Estate.

Capture a piece of history in your visit to Tasmania, with old chapels, dining rooms, dormitories and ruins to explore.

The Hazards and Wineglass Bay

Stunning Freycinet Peninsula

Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

Cascade Brewery and Gardens

Cradle Mountain Wilderness

Port Arthur

Brickendon Interior

Old Gardens Brickendon

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