Tasmania is full of adventures

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It's undeniable that Tasmania is full of wonderful things to do, with endless amounts of adventures to be had.

The travel guide and informational company Lonely Planet has now acknowledged this, in its latest 1,000 Ultimate Adventures guide book.

The book, published this August, includes 58 adventures from Australia. Six of these take place in Tasmania!

The top Tasmanian adventures that made the cut were: The Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge (best races), Franklin River (best rafting rivers), Cradle Mountain Run (best ultra runs), Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey (epic sea-kayak paddles), The Totem Pole (most spectacular rock climbs) and Tasmanian National Park and the Abels (mountain quests).

Whether you're an adventurer who wants to complete a race or ultra run, or simply want to experience everything that Tasmania has to offer, these are all fantastic areas that are fantastic to visit even just for a bit of observation. It's great to see Tasmania being recognised worldwide as having some truly fantastic activities and locations.

The Totem Pole is one lesser-known attraction in Tasmania that may garner some new attention thanks to this list. The Totem Pole is, quite literally, a giant vertical slab of rock at Cape Hauy that provides a challenging task for climbers and abseilers, as they must make their way straight upwards towards the sky! The view from the top, however, is unrivaled with panoramas of the wide open horizon, sea and land.
It is not however for beginners!

Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey are also lesser known but spectacularly beautiful areas, with some of the most gorgeous landscape on the planet alongside an extremely unique marine environment.

Head to Tasmania yourself to see some of these sights and experience some of these adventures yourself, for the trip of a lifetime.

Cover of the LP Guidebook with its six Tasmanian inclusions

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