Tarkine wilderness adventures

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Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or looking to go on a first real ‘adventure holiday’, it is hard to look past the Tasmanian wilderness.

With its remote mountain climbs, hiking, kayaking, canyoning and unique wildlife there is always something challenging and fun to do here.

But among the vast wilderess and World Heritage Areas there are a number which are more special to discover.

One of those is the Tarkine named for the local Tarkiner Aborigines, who once called these rugged and beautiful surrounds home.

The Tarkine is a popular travel destination with tourists from all over the world and for good reason.

It is home to the largest temperate rainforest in Australia, which showcases some of the best scenery in the island state. And in December 2009, the region was added to Australia’s National Heritage List. Located in North-West Tasmania, the Tarkine rainforest and wilderness covers an expanse of more than 447,000 hectares, set between the coastline, the Arthur and Pieman  Rivers and the Murchison Highway as the other boundary heading inland.

Holidaymakers will find lots to explore in  these natural surrounds, weaving through tall eucalypts, traversing buttongrass plains and exploring windswept beaches where without stop from the eastern coast of Southern Africa and the Southern Ocean, huge waves finally make landfall. This is a violent stretch of coastline.

Off the beaten track, but on the Western Explorer heading north from  Strahan through Zeehan is Corinna on the Pieman River.

This former historic mining town is a great destination to relax and withdrew from everyday life. A cruise down the Pieman River will give any visitor mirrored reflections and the chance to be utterly alone excpet perhaps catching a glimpse of a rare yellow-tailed black cockatoo.

Tarkine National Park is also one of the few remaining areas in Australian that is believed to have a large number of intact  Aboriginal sites, with some experts suggesting it may have the highest concentrations of sacred places in the country.

Donaldson Walk and buttongrass - Tarkine

Trekking in the rainforrest

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  • Luke Power says:

    Simply breath taking… no wonder I can’t wait to call this beautiful state home.

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