Goodbye Swan Island, we’re on our way to the Tamar. It’s a corker of a day which isn’t surprising with the barometer reading 1018. The 65 miles we will cover today has been through quite different waters, and with a very different shoreline to that of the East Coast. We’re probably abeam Barnbougle and The Lost Farm golf courses as I write, but we are too far off the coast to take a decent photo. We did pass fairly close to Waterhouse Island but the only things to see there were one tree, one (maybe derelict) lighthouse or tower, and a helicopter!

So, with not much scenery, a drop in bird life and no sightings of any dolphins, it’s been a good day to sun-bake, throw some dough around, and of course drive the boat and keep our proper log book up to date. I think the skipper is keen on winning the prize for the best kept cruise log.

One thing that is interesting to ponder are the various names given to islands and rocks. After Waterhouse Island, for example, there is Ninth Island (some of you may recognise these two words from a wine bottle). After Ninth Island, however, there is Tenth Island. Were the people who name these islands just getting stuck for new words? It’s another story between Eddystone Point and Swan Island though – with Eucalyptus Rock, Salamander Rock, and Lipstick Rock. I can’t believe that any man would have sighted a rock, and said “I’ll call that one Lipstick…” I think I will have to look into that one a bit more – perhaps there was an intrepid French female explorer, or even a cross-dressing Dutchman of some sort out here many centuries ago.

Clearly, my mind is wandering after 8 days on the briny, so it’s a good job we are not far from the Tamar. Apparently the very nice shop-keeper at Beauty Point is not only stocked up for our arrival, but has offered to drive us back to our boats with our purchases, however large or small. That’s Tasmania for you.

I'm sure somebody can think of a good caption for this one

Waterhouse Island seems unusually devoid of attractions

Knead some dough?

Captain's log..... star date 2302....beam me up

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