Stanley: whole lotta heritage goin’ on

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Stanley is proving to be an idyllic place to be marooned while waiting for the wind to change. In addition to the houses and other buildings around town that simply cry out ‘take a picture of me, take a picture of me’, there is the amazing Highfield House to explore.

What I loved about it was that it is not restored and repolished to within an inch of its life as many heritage properties tend to be. I know that a great deal of work has already gone into saving what is a significant property, however, and ongoing work and funds will be needed to keep it going. But, I love it just the way it is!

The other thing that really impressed me was the way in which the interpretation has been managed. Everything felt very natural and there was no need to feel you couldn’t walk around and get as close to everything as you wanted. The use of documents, snippets of letters and other commentary from previous owners and visitors gave me a real sense of life in the place.

There are also lovely touches of humour – on a chair in the dining room for example there is a tiny little sign that says ‘no bottoms please’ – so much nicer than having a pile of fancy furniture all roped off.

Before we leave Stanley – which may be on Saturday – I will update you on our various food exploits. I’m saving them up for a ‘special edition’. Mind you, I don’t have any photos of food or restaurants so I will have to work out between now and then how to fix that!

Also, just a warning, but when we leave Stanley we may find ourselves just a little out of phone and internet range. Don’t worry about us, we will not be lost as sea, just a little ‘disconnected’. And, now, back to Highfield House and a few photos….

Highfield House and The Nut in the background

Dining table setting is printed on a paper table-cloth!

Nothing is too fussy

I always love the kitchens and laundry equipment

All this cockerill was interested in was sheltering from the wind - note he is nearest to the hedge and all the hens line up behind!

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  • Cheryl Barnett says:

    Have time now (it’s too cold outside) to enjoy reading your blog. Just love your snippets, fun photos and captions. It’s absolutely freezing here but daresay it’s even colder-er and windier-er in your territory. Look forward to the Special Edition – Galley exploits whatever. Should be some good stories here. Will be a change from the usual weekend papers.
    Cheers Mrs B

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