Stanley: meanwhile down at the fishing dock

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Stanley, and I reckon this is certainly the place to be right now. The fleet is again somewhat scattered, with one or two I think still at Beauty Point, some in the Mersey at Devonport, a couple at Wynyard, and others ahead of us in the Hunter Group. In Stanley we not only have good shelter inside the fishing boat dock, but there is an abundance of things to see and do here. Just looking out of the windows on the boat or wandering around the docks, there is always activity of some sort.

There are no real anchorages around Stanley, and no yacht club or public marina. Which is why, along with 8 other VDLC boats we are tied up here. As soon as the weather for boating improves we will leave Stanley, but in the meantime the fishermen have been very understanding of our need for shelter.

Red fishing boat

Stanley has a busy and productive fishing dock

VDLC boat Westwind ties up at the wharf

Get those lines on!

Sea Esta and Bundaberg in the calm of the dock

Beyond the breakwater the conditions are quite different!

Unusually, there is some comfort in being close to a pile of rocks

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