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Not only is Tasmania famous for its stunning natural beauty, fine wine and dining and friendly locals – there's a whole lot of fascinating history and heritage behind the island state.

Open for group tours, history buffs visiting Tasmania are sure to be captivated by the 10,000 year old stone carvings which you'll find at the Tiagarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre. You can find this cultural gem up north at Devonport, on a local sacred site along the Mersey River. Devonport is only about an hour's drive from the city of Launceston, so it's easy to reach for an afternoon or day trip if you don't want to stay overnight – though it's totally worth it for all you'll get to see and learn.

Tiagarra is the Aboriginal word for 'keep' or 'keeping place' – an apt name for a museum which preserves and presents both the past and present of Aboriginal culture and heritage on the island. You'll get both an insight into contemporary culture and a true peek into the ancient past.

Take an enlightening guided tour and you'll note that the inside of Tiagarra's buildings hark back to the designs of traditional northwest Aboriginal homes – your first look at Aboriginal heritage as you walk inside. Then you'll be able to spend time wandering the various rooms, taking in the museum's some 2,000 artefacts and exhibits which will give you a real insight into the way the Aboriginals traditionally lived, once upon a time, in Tasmania.

Artwork such as large mural paintings are also on display – and for those who'd like a souvenir of their time in Tassie there's a great gift shop where you can buy arts and crafts made by the locals.

Learning about a place's traditions, heritage and history is a great way to explore and understand a new destination – so what better place to discover something new than at the Tiagarra Aboriginal Culture Centre?

Tiagarra Aboriginal Culture

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