Set sail with the Spirit of Tasmania

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Are you a fan of sailing on the sea, casually cruising the oceans, relaxing and taking in all the facilities on board?

Well you may like to take the journey from Melbourne to Devonport, by ship! This is a unique, family-friendly experience which is sure to give you fantastic memories … it is also the only substantial ‘ship journey’ in Australia outside joining a cruise.

There are two options for sailing to Tassie – would you like to sail by day, or by night? Summer schedules have daytime crossings.

If you choose to sail by day, you'll get clear views, hopefully sunny skies, and access all around the ship with activities available to pass the time. If you'd like, you can arrange a cabin for a snooze or two.

If you sail by night, you'll get to sleep some of the journey away in your cabin. As you sail out of Melbourne you'll get the stunning view of city nights, and enjoy a nice dinner and drink at the bar and restaurant.

If you'd prefer, you can check out a movie at the ship's cinema or sit outside and watch the dark glistening ocean glide on by.

Activities for the kids are on offer so your children will always be busy and occupied. There are also a number of live musical acts who will jazz up your journey with their upbeat music.

Games arcades, playrooms, internet rooms, a gaming lounge, and more are just some of the other activities and facilities are available, so rest assured that you'll never have to spend a minute wondering what to do next – there's always an option! 

Once you get to Tasmania there is a plethora of attractions, sights, and things to do waiting for you. The tourism information section on the ship can get you up to speed on the many delights that Tasmania has to offer – you'll be absolutely spoilt for choice.

Spirit of Tasmania in Melbourne

Comfortable outside  twin cabin and bunk

The shipboard kids' spot

Deluxe cabins are very comfortable - this could be a cruise !

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