There are some breathtaking natural wonders and mesmerising destinations throughout Tasmania, but sometimes you need more than just your feet to take you into the heart of the beauty and get the most out of your adventure experience.

With a 4WD it is possible to reach places that might not otherwise be possible – in the process opening up a gateway to magical views and a feeling of remote isolation to be cherished.

From wild beaches to magnificent forests, exploring the island state's diverse wilderness area is often made possible by jumping behind the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle that specialises in negotiating rugged conditions.

Many of Tasmania's most inspiring coastlines and lush landscapes are inaccessible to conventional vehicles.

But this does not mean they are out of reach – in fact a self-guided, tag-along or tour-operated 4WD journey will take you to special places that most visitors never find the opportunity to witness. Be sure that you obtain a Parks & Wildlife Parks Pass as many of these special places are curated for everyone’s enjoyment.

One of the main advantages to off-road touring in Tasmania is that the distances between exciting tracks are relatively short, so you can achieve a lot in a short space of time.

4WD Acess to Montezuma Falls Image Credit AV Rider

Out on the coast near the mouth of the Arthur River  Image Credit - Sunset Holiday Villas

Getting bogged on the Balfour Track Image Credit - Kookynet

Catch a trout in Tasmanias off road Highland Lakes Image Credit - Sports Fish Tasmania

North East Tasmania Track to Waterhouse Point with Cape Portland in background Image Credit - kookynet

Sandy Cape-4wd near Coles Bay Image Credit Travelpod user Lavis

Intro Off Road Course available in Burnie Tasmania

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