Pilot Bay (Dad, the nearest you will find on the map is Strahan). After a crew change yesterday, we had a leisurely evening and caught up with most of the other VLDC boats as they arrived in town for the farewell barbeque today. For all crews it was laundry, water, and fuel – some for the boat and some for our tummies.

Having Mr B on board is great fun. He got off the bus with a suitcase of all things – I couldn’t believe he would come with so many clothes, but soon discovered that a wheelie bin is the best way to transport a carton of beer!

Given Mr B’s interest in wooden boats, we toddled off together this morning in search of an old piner’s punt he had heard about. Mrs B, the man in the photo is not your husband giving said punt a close inspection and wondering how he can get it back to Hobart. Oh, and the man in the next photo doing a bit of polishing also isn’t Mr B. He said to tell you that in case you thought he should do more of the same at home!

The Strahan barbeque was fantastic. An ideal day, and I think we raised quite a bit of cash for the junior sailing. It was also a great chance to thank Mayor Gerrity for his support for the VDLC cruise.

Tomorrow morning at first light we will leave on the next leg of the journey, to Port Davey. Once again we may be out of phone and internet range, perhaps for 3 or 4 days depending on the weather and how long we stay in the magnificent south-west. So, for the time being, this is Emeritus 2 out.

Inside E2 in the late Strahan sunshine

Looking out to Regatta Point

Not Mr B, uncovering the piner's punt

Not Mr B, doing a bit of cut and polish

The boisterous Gitana crew

... and the Fordplay dad and daughter duo - and uh oh, is that Matina the Tassie Devil I see?

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  • Tony Trumble says:

    My goodness ! Has Seabird been pipped at the post ? I see Asylum way down south already. Richard won’t be pleased at all !


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