It was always going to be contentious, but Tourism Tasmania’s cheeky campaign to encourage Tasmanians to get their ‘mainland’ friends and relatives to Tasmania (and be saved!) has exceeded all expectations.

An ‘out there’ competition with great prizes, the fun is not over yet … although sadly Tasmanian locals revert to just being ambassadors from tomorrow 22 June. Mainlanders have an advantage (did we really say that?) – prizes for ‘their part’ of the promotion do not come up for draw until 8 August, with entries closing 3 August.

And great prizes they are! Imagine being able to perhaps ‘park the kids’ or align perfect ‘us time’ and head off on a Tasmanian Escape – with flights, the best of accommodation, car hire, some included meals and a selection of activities. The prizes are all ‘targeted’ at identified Mainland personalities.
While the portrayals may be comedic, we have the utmost admiration for those facing life as ‘A Tragic Hipster’, ‘A Burnt-Out Corporate’, ‘A Culture Vulture’, ‘A Fanatical Foodie’ or the ‘A Try-Hard Extremist’ in the big cities, towns and rural areas of the big island, and we knew from intense consultation with locals here that we have the best set of rescue packs available for each.

Sydney Radio Mix106.5 listeners will, for a week beginning 2 July, be able to hear Rosso talking ‘Tasmanian’ with a show element ‘Don’t Leave Me Hanging’ – with great Tasmanian prizes … all designed to save more mainlanders from the grip of their normal lives.

So visit the site now and save yourself from your Mainlanderness.
The Tragic Hipster

The Culture Vulture

The Fanatical Foodie

The Try-Hard Extremist

The Burnt-Out Corporate

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