Make a trip to Tasmania's oldest convict settlement, the Sarah Island Historic Site, for an eerie encounter this October.

Located on the rugged west coast in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Sarah Island was considered by Lt Governor Sorell as a "place of banishment and security for the worst description of convicts".

This earned the island the reputation as one of the most severe of the penal settlements setup during the history of transportation.

If you're looking for activities to take part in for Halloween, then a visit to Sarah Island is a trip you must do!

The island lies in a remote area of Macquarie Harbour, covering six hectares of land. The Macquarie Harbour was said to be the most secure of sites, where any convict that tried to escape Sarah Island would have to fight their way through the dense rainforests before making their way across the harbour.

It was said that 112 convicts escaped the island, with 62 perishing and nine murdered by fellow convicts. The remaining escapees were eventually recaptured.

You can visit Sarah Island on the cruise boats which operate on Macquarie Harbour, visit the lower reaches of the Gordon River and often take the narrow entrance to the harbour known as Hells Gates.

Ruins to look over on the Island

Getting off at Sarah Island - Image Credit Scott Sporleder

Kelly Gerrity worked as a crew member before moving to Hobart - Image Credit Scott Sporleder

Sarah Island Map locating it in vast Macquarie Harbour

The amazing waters of the Gordon River

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