Rod and Fly Fishing in Tasmania – Fantastic

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Have you always wanted to try your hand at fly fishing? Then get to learning the ropes with Rod and Fly Tasmania.

Take a fantastic tour with experienced trout fishing guide Mike Tenner, testing your fly fishing skills in trying to hook some of the island's trout and salmon.

Mike has been teaching the art of fly fishing and holding trout fishing tours in Tasmania for over 30 years, so you can learn from the best, as he passes some of his lifetime experience and skills onto you.

Trout and fly fishing classes take place on the island's capital of Hobart, where beginners are also welcome to join in with the Introduction to Fly Fishing lesson.

This all-day, single fishing class begins at 09:00, with participants practicing land casting and then spending the rest of the lesson applying the techniques learnt on the water until 17:00.

In this introductory class you'll take on board a number of skills including fly casting, fly choice and entomology, knot tying, catch and release techniques, have an equipment overview and learn about safety.

Mike will also share with you the fundamentals of rods, line and reels, different parts of trout streams, reading the water (where trout is hiding), what trout eat and what fly to use, on the water strategies and much more!

A private trout fishery, set in the beautiful Huon Valley, offers prime trout fishing for beginners and those who hold some experience.

Rainbow and brown trout swim the waters, with the fish varying in size from one to over four kg!

If you've already got some fly fishing experience behind you, then you can opt for a brilliant two or three day experience with Rod and Fly Tasmania.

These tours also include accommodation and meals, allowing you to have a thrilling day out on some of Tasmania's prime lakes.

Rod & Fly will cater to your every need, taking you to "choice" fishing spots, allowing you to improve your skills and all in all enjoy a few wonderful days out on the water this summer.

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  • admin says:

    You will definitely want to explore
    immediately followed by a guide from:
    ‘FlyLife’ is authored and published in Tasmania – so they would also be a great resource directly in putting you in touch with the correct people.
    Trust that puts you on the right track … the weather end of Jan should be great for all types of recreational fishing.

    And no, as a marketing organisation only – Tourism Tasmania does not ‘sell’ any products. You will also find the Hobart Visitor and Information Centre maybe able to help you with contacting folk who you may not have found through FlyLife.

  • Darren Allen says:

    Hi, I am travelling to Hobart at the end of January for 4 days and am looking to try fly fishing for trout. As I have never fished this way before I will need experienced tuition and guidance, is this something your business can offer?

    I look forward to your response.

    Kind Regards
    Darren Allen

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