Revving it up in Tasmania

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Tasmania has a reputation for being a beautiful haven for some spectacular natural sights, landscapes and of course, wildlife.

There are many different ways which you can experience this – by car, foot, helicopter, or boat – and if you're a bonafide biker, you may well like to take your motorbike to Tasmania's roads and see the state from behind your handlebars.

You'll never be bored with the view of the amazingly varied road and scenery providing a unique on-road experience. With plenty of winds, twists, turns and hills, wherever you head in Tasmania your biking journey will be a thrilling one.

There are a few key points to note, though. While there are some unsealed areas and roads, most of where you'll be headed will be nicely sealed up. If travelling at early morning and dusk, though, you'll be wise to keep your eyes peeled as this is when wildlife is most active on country roads.

As well as this, the weather in Tas is extremely variable, so come prepared for warm and rainproof gear. Pay attention to local weather conditions and warnings including frost, ice and snow.

Motorbike enthusiasts must check out the Richardson's Harley Davidson Museum and Cafe. Its history dates back to 1980, and it has an impressive collection of rare bikes for you to marvel over.

If you need to hire your own bike, head to Tasmanian Motorcycle Hires or Moto Adventure Tasmania.

Some places you most definitely should check out when you hit the road include areas near the World Heritage zone, with Cradle Mountain, Mole Creek Karst National Park, the edges of Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park and South West Wilderness area, and more.

Tasmania is one of those rare locations where any road you take will lead you somewhere beautiful, so take advantage of this. Small stages, lots of variety and quiet roads complete the motorcycle touring picture.

Customer Lounge at Richardson's Harley Davidson, Launceston

In full riding gear for touring - Image Credit: 365 Tasmania

Harley Davidson Gear

Wide open and uncrowded roads - Image Credit: 365Tasmania blog

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