In case you were thinking that cruising is all sun, sand and blissful enjoyment, today brings a few of the realities into focus. As our trusted crew set off to get a bus from Launceston to Hobart in order to bring their own car back so we can enjoy some sightseeing before they go home next week, we continued with the not so glamorous end of things.

More boat things to fix, more business to conduct (thank goodness for dongles and mobile phones), garbage to offload, laundry to do, and plenty of other things to wash down.

But, this is no hardship when we hear of other people whose spirit of adventure has prevailed even when more serious mechanical, electrical or other problems have beset them.

By 18:00 yesterday we were tied up at the Tamar Yacht Club in Beauty Point. The strength of the tide on the way in was something to behold, and it was not surprising to see some boats having to work very hard to manoeuvre into the marina. After dinner we were surprised, however, to notice RYCT vessel, Dreamtime, coming in towing another boat from the VDLC fleet. Having had propeller problems, this yacht had not been able to motor for the past 2 days. Despite light winds, they had plugged away under sail to reach their destination. We were very pleased to be able to assist in bringing them alongside E2 safely while guardian vessel Dreamtime dropped the tow-line and prepared to berth herself.

There will no doubt be many more stories – some we will hear about, others we will not. But as more vessels arrive the camaraderie will continue to grow and the true spirit of cruising will wash over us all. Then, when we’ve wiped the salt from our skin, we can smile and get on with the next inevitable flippin’ job!

The fleet nears Low Head Pilot Station

Not the sort of thing you want to run into

Not sure if they had to put on extra services just for us!

You really could call this 'My Beautiful Launderette"

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  • Gail says:

    Yes I was thinking it’s all sun, sand and blissful enjoyment, it certainly looks that way! The Laundrette looks familiar I think I might have been there. Great photos Lois……look forward to catching up with your news every few days days.

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