Tamar Yacht Club, Beauty Point. Another glorious day on the Riviera Coast of Tasmania! The morning sped by, comprising a walk along the river, a coffee at the local cafe, and provisioning at the well-stocked supermarket in Beaconsfield. Getting farm-fresh organic rocket and spinach in the fridge is a great result!

I’ve also written and published a one-page cruise newsletter – three news items only – the lead story being a total wind-up about the stowaway ‘cruise mascot’ Matty Maatsuyker and his apparently missing neice. By the way, both of them are soft toy Tasmanian devils….I’ve spun the line that Matina (so she has been called by the Cruise Commodore’s wife), previously a socialite and now reculsive founder of ‘MatiLeaks’ has not been seen since the beginning of the cruise. Whether involved in criminal activities or just keeping a low profile……. you get the picture.

Being such a beautiful day, local newspaper, The Examiner sent a photographer up from Launceston so I whizzed him around the marina to take a few snaps for tomorrow’s paper. I’ve also got to know more people, and finally met Roy and Di’s cat. I wasn’t really sure they weren’t having me on, but I can confirm that in addition to the two Tassie devils doing the circumnavigation there is definitely a cat.

There is a cruise dinner tonight so no doubt lots more stories and revelations about other people’s boats, lives, pets and plans for cruising farther afield.

A real photographer!

Sven and Jola are travelleing the world on Dana Felicia

The circumnavigating cat!

No dogs on the cruise, but this cute guy is a TYC local

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  • Lois Ryan says:

    Glad you are enjoying e-cruising, and hope you received my email reply the other day.

  • Tony Trumble says:

    Dear Lois Ryan,

    I live in Southern Tasmania, at Dover. I am following the VDLC with great interest. I am an old friend of Richard Ham and his wife Barbara from Geelong, sailing aboard “Seabird”. According to the satellite map they are already in the Hunter Group.
    I am enjoying your account of the voyage and very impressed with the photography, and look forward to further installments.
    Tony Trumble.

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