Port Arthur has long been one of Tasmania's favourite tourist destinations. A former convict settlement, Port Arthur is a famous historic area and serves as a fascinating open air museum.

Now students will be in for a special experience at the site, with a new 'Making a better world? The evolution of a convict settlement' exhibition available for them to visit. This takes students through the settlement's chronological life, from its beginnings as a timber-getting station in 1830, through to its purpose as a secondary punishment station, and its closing in 1877.

As such a historically significant World Heritage site, it can provide students with a high level of knowledge and understanding about Australia's history, as well as issues surrounding forced migration.

"During the new tour, the history of Port Arthur is discussed in the context of world history during this period," said Port Arthur’s education officer Gemma Davie.

"We explore the context of Port Arthur at that moment in history, including the events and movements which influenced the transportation of convicts to Australia."

Port Arthur is fascinating for both children and adults alike, so get yourself to this illuminating destination as soon as possible.

The site today - Image Credit: ABC Australia

Historic photo Port Arthur - Image Credit: University of Tasmania

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