Planning the ultimate Tasmanian ‘staycation’

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Everyone wants to see the world, but there are times when the best adventures to be had are right in your own backyard.

From the tip of Southwest National park to Devonport, Hobart to Cradle Mountain and everywhere in between, you will be sure to discover something new the next time you travel around Tasmania.

To help you get started on your next 'staycation' – the holiday that is all about relaxing close to home – here are some fun activities to do in our island state.

If you are sticking to a budget, but still want to enjoy the finer things in life, then a well being walk could do just the trick.

Tasmania's coastline and National Parks are dotted with world-class bush walking experiences that will see you journey from the breathtaking headlands of Maria Island to snowy hiking tracks at Cradle Mountain. Pull off the road at many places for walks into waterfalls which immediately give you a sense of peace and calm.

White sandy beaches and big waves make the coastline along Tasmania's east to south a popular destination among surfers from across the globe. For the ultimate surf experience, it is best to head to the infamous Eaglehawk Neck or nearby Clifton Beach. For the beach goer, that injection of ozone will immediately transform your day.

For those who prefer dry land, you can still get your heart rate pumping.

Replacing the ocean for open roads is not hard if you are on a mountain bike. Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park is just 15 minutes from Hobart is home to a number of national tournaments for the sport. Viewing is often open for free to the public.

Don’t have access to a bike? You do now. Art Bikes are available for FREE to use in Hobart – they let you explore the downtown area and the track out to MONA from the central city. It’s 12 kms of totally immersive experience. For those who like to consider the unusual – it is a must do. And everything is supplied, including a helmet!

Cradle Mountain Hiking Trail with Barn Bluff in the distance - Image Credit:

Horseshoe Falls - Mt Field National Park Tasmania Image Credit: Lee Henley Photography

Surfing the points - Image Credit: Great Expeditions Surf Tours

Art Bikes ready to go - Image Credit: arts@work

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