Schooner Cove, Port Davey. The Pilot Bay mossies were a hungry mob, and with around 6 boats at anchor at any one time during the night they had plenty of fast food outlets from which to choose. I set to with my craft box, scissors, mossie netting and tape to secure a further two entry points. Just going on deck to position one of these, however, was enough to attract 3 new squadrons, and I went back inside cursing and slapping myself. I scratched into my log that night ‘Getting low on Stingose, but don’t mention to the crew.’

At daybreak we were ready to get on the move and the passage to Port Davey was a reasonably uneventful 11 hours and 20 minutes. For the first time on this trip I opened a book and read a couple of chapters. As anticipated, there were crayboats out, which was a big clue to all vessels to start looking out for pots. Later we heard that unfortunately, even the most experienced of yachtspersons did manage to snag a line, but were able to winch the pot aboard, and with help from another boat cut the line from the prop. The fisho was already heading round Southwest Cape, but was generous enough of spirit to thank the offending skipper for the return of his pot to Kettering at a later date.

Our only bit of bother was a massive knot in the anchor chain which required Mr B and myself to get into the anchor locker. With only a torch and our bare hands it was soon fixed, and we anchored in Schooner Cove under a busy-looking north/north-west sky with more boats than you might normally expect to find in the entire Port Davey area.

The lovely Lemaris in the warm glow of sunrise

More sky-watching

OK, I just held the torch. Mr B was the one whose hands got a bit grubby untangling the knot in the anchor chain

Make mine a Schooner Cove

Mount Rugby at dusk from Schooner Cove

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