Pack a picnic and take a drive

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Packing up a picnic and heading out on a scenic drive can be an extremely fulfilling holiday activity. And where better to do it than Tasmania, which offers up amazing views, fine food and wine, great roads and a good time. It’s also a great way to get local.

If you take a look at a Tasmanian map, you'll see roads given the letters A, B and C. It's good to remember that A roads are major, sealed highways, B roads are secondary sealed roads, and C roads may be unsealed.

Before you set off, plan for the roads you will be on; ensure you set aside time to do what you plan. If you're planning a long drive, make sure you fill up your fuel tank too, as off the main routes you may not even see another car, let alone a fuel station!

The island packs in a lot of varied scenery considering its size – and that's why it can be such an adventure. It has a network of highways which can help you to loop your way around Tasmania with short distances between major attractions and sights. Because the population is relatively small, you won't find much competition on the roads – apart from some local wildlife attempting a crossing.

While the idea of coming across a stray wallaby, wombat or perhaps even an echidna on the road might sound novel and fun, it's always a good idea to stay alert while driving to make sure that you don't get a fright if one of these creatures appears. Be especially aware when driving at early morning or dusk, when these animals are at their most active.

Once you find a picturesque location for your picnic, make sure you do take a little bit of time to explore the area on foot. You might find yourself getting more up close and personal with the local wildlife or heading out on a stunning walk – there is no shortage of beautiful views lush greenery, and an enormous number of waterfalls here.

On a smaller scale, rather than heading far afield, hiring or using one of the free bike schemes allows you to slow the pace and explore cycleways … a picnic being the ultimate reward for your exertion.

Tasmanian Food Trails picnic - image credit: Tasmania for Everyone

Bike and have a picnic - image credit: The Ride-ons blog

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