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Imagine, just for a moment, that you were planning a voyage around Australia. First, it could be easy to imagine you might need some boating skills. You’d probably also need to counter a long list of potential hazards. Would getting hit in the head by flying fish make it into your plan . . . ?

A Tasmanian expedition led by Rob Pennicott is circumnavigating Australia in two dinghies. Pennicott and his crew are cruising for funds for Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign. A month into their philanthropic quest they’re somewhere around Darwin, travelling west.

The trip across the Gulf of Carpentaria involved a sleepless 24 hours. The south-easterly winds and lumpy seas were even more challenging than sandwiches consisting of tinned tuna, cheese and fruit bread.
In fact Pennicott, an experienced salty – he’s former rock lobster fisherman now cruise boat operator – reckons the gulf crossing was one of his most taxing days at sea. And it wouldn’t have been helped by those blows to the head . . . during the night . . . from flying fish.

Now Tasmania can be a wild circus. Rare birds, platypus, the confounding Tasmanian devil and even walking fish can be spotted in the wild. Pennicott is a commendably passionate wildlife nut (or devotee), knows about the tramping fish, and Mother Nature’s always surprising ways. But even he was gobsmacked at encountering flyers with gills.

Still, those fishy moments are, like chewing on fruit loaf and tuna, ultimately going to be worth it. Almost $80,000 has so far been raised by Rob for Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign.
At follow.theyellowboatroad.com you can donate to the campaign and follow Rob’s circumnavigation. He’s only about a third of the way through the voyage. More donations will be gratefully received.

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'Follow The Yellow Boat Road' website

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