New Track Links City to Bush

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Bushwalkers will be tying their laces and organising their next hiking adventure after it was recently announced that a new walk has been proposed (and development funding secured) to supplement the reputation of the iconic Overland Track.

The 80 km walk would start in central Hobart and extend into Tasmania's South-West over Mount Wellington and across ridge tops to the Snowy Ranges of the Huon Valley.

While some parts of this journey may sound difficult (they are!), the walk is designed to cater to people of all fitness levels.

This means that people of all ages and ability levels – from novices to hard-core bushwalkers – will be able to enjoy the great outdoors on foot.

Shorter walks with road access will help to break up the route and make sure that it is widely accessible.

And with breathtaking views over the city from Mt Wellington, the Huon Valley from the peaks of the Wellington Ranges and awe-inspiring forest scenery flanking the White Timber Mountain area, organisers are sure that the new walk will attract both local and international visitors.

At this point in time it is unclear whether hut-based accommodation will be available to walkers, which is a feature of numerous long-distance walks around the world (including the Overland).

Huon Valley one of the scenic areas which will be reached from the walk - Image Credit: Roger Lovell

Great views from Mt Wellington - Image Credit:

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