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There's nothing like breaking some fresh bread in the morning and buttering the crust up with delicious spread – and now you might be able to do this with a loaf from Australia's oldest convict-built wood oven!

Redlands Bakery is believed to be the nation's oldest continually working bread oven, as it pre-dates the historic Port Arthur by about 12 years!

The convict oven was officially launched at the Old Bakehouse at Redlands Estate, with Moonah's Pigeon Whole Bakery and Callington Mill joining the efforts in producing quality artisan bread.

Redland's Estate is a historic farm located just 35 minutes from the capital city Hobart, opening to the public just yesterday (November 28) offering a range of fantastic culinary experiences.

Redlands was one of Australia's largest hop farms from the late 1860s to the 1970s, having its own cobblestone village that included a butcher, bakery, shop and bell tower. An apple orchard, wool farm and dairy was also once operated on the estate.

Visitors to the estate can guided tours of the Redlands Whisky Distillery, explore over three hectares of 'historic pleasure gardens' and sample breads from the Redlands Bakery.

The Redlands Distillery is to be one of only two 'paddock to bottle' single malt whiskey distilleries in the world – with the other residing in Kilchoman, Scotland.

The distillery controls every step in the production of its brews, growing its own barley, retrieving water from the Plenty River water frontage and preparing the product in the circa 1857 granary building.

A range of liqueurs and schnapps will also be produced by Redlands Distillery.

Take part in a complete 'paddock to bottle' experience, starting your tour in a field of barley (seasonal) and ending with the distillery's barrels in the bond room, getting a fascinating insight into how the single malt whisky is crafted.

You can expect to get involved with distillery activities, tasting barley as it's kiln dried, sampling malted barley liquid directly from the mash tun, trying mountain fed water and finally tasting the final product itself.

The astonishingly atttractive Redlands Estate Buildings

So Good on the Eye - Redlands Estate Tasmania

Historic Surrounds to Explore - tennis anyone

Historic Surrounds and Buildings to Explore - before restoration

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