Must-see’s at Cradle Mountain

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Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania's most impressive attractions – and that's saying something, considering how many beautiful features can be found on the island!

Part of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, day after day could be spent at this beautiful location, exploring its many hikes, gazing at spectacular views or examining the stunning array of flora and fauna this park and mountain area is home to.

Because not every visitor has this much time to spend in the park, here are some of the highlights that you can squeeze in to however much time you have to spend exploring Cradle Mountain.

The must-see attractions of Cradle Mountain: Mt Ossa

Not far from Cradle Mountain itself is Mt Ossa, Tasmania's highest mountain, which stands at 1,617 metres high, or 5,305 foot. This rocky formation is a bit of a walk to get to, but for those seeking to conquer Tasmania's highest peak, it's well worth the challenge.

Make sure you go prepared and check the weather conditions before you head out. Give it a go during the summer, when conditions are more reliable and wild flowers are in bloom.

No rock climbing is required – instead, there's a marked track to the summit. Get going and enjoy a part of Tasmania that few people get to see a side of!

The Overland Track

The Overland Track stretches for 65 kilometres, and Cradle Mountain itself is found at its start.

The entirety of the walk takes around six days to complete, and offers magnificent scenery paired with a great physical challenge – after all, everyone needs to get out and about a bit more these days!

The track is renowned worldwide for being breathtakingly beautiful, which is no surprise, given the incredible variety of views it offers. From glacially-carved valleys to eucalypt forest, to ancient rainforest to alpine meadows and more, the landscapes this walk serves up can't be beat.

Head out on the hike with your family or friends and make a real trip of it. Think sharing stories by torchlight at night, lying back and looking up at the stars and enjoying a mug of hot chocolate, made the old fashioned way!

If you want to see even more, set aside a couple of extra days and include some of the bonus side-trips on your journey. Along the way, you'll see signs pointing to waterfalls and other gorgeous sights – why not walk these additional routes while you're here?

Be sure to set aside some time at the end of your walk to explore Lake St Clair. You can either catch a ferry across or take an extra day to walk around it and through the rainforest.

One of the best things about the Overland Track is that you can walk at your own pace and design your own journey. Freedom!

The wildlife

While exploring Cradle Mountain and surrounding areas, you're bound to come across some beautiful plant and animal life.

Keep an eye or an ear out for creatures like the Tasmanian devil, eastern quoll and spotted-tail quoll. You might even come across a platypus or an echidna, two extremely unique species!

The area's plants are also extremely diverse, including those with their origins from Gondwana, the ancient supercontinent. Look out for King Billy pine, deciduous beech and myrtle beech, to name a few.

Head to Cradle Mountain to discover some of these beautiful and fascinating features for yourself – you won't regret it!

Cradle Mountain as many people see it - moody and beautiful image credit: @graferrari (Instagram)

On the Overland Track taken by guide and Instagram user Alice Smick

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