Mobile cold turkey in Port Davey

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Only 35 miles from Hobart, and I’ve just been handed a cup of tea with the solemn words that this signifies the end of the ocean-going part of our journey. We are entering the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

But the joy of being away on the water continues. With ‘civilisation’ comes internet access again, and a chance to update my blog with further tales from Port Davey. The days are getting a bit mixed up, both in my mind and with what activities are posted when. In reality it’s Day 29 of our voyage, but let’s go back to Sunday 13 March … Day 26

Others may not agree, but in my view there cannot be many other cruising areas in the world that match the remote splendor of Port Davey. Apart from one vessel, after which I think the cruise radio operator might soon re-name Clayton’s Jetty, all the VDLC boats are making the most of visiting the large variety of bays, rivers, hideaways and inlets presided over by Mount Rugby. Part of the Southwest National Park, the only way in here is to walk, get a small plane, or by boat.

After a semi-serious walk with the Dana Felicia crew in the morning, we were joined for lunch and the afternoon by our friends on Masterpiece. Many stories were told around the table, along with the ever-important sharing of vital cruise information.

The day-old Mercury they bequeathed is likely to be our last news from the outside world for as long as we stay here. What will be interesting to monitor are the trembling fingers and nervous glances of one particular crew-member aboard Masterpiece – let’s call him Mr Twitchy – as he goes through mobile phone cold turkey. No calls, no text, no internet. Ooohhwee, is he going to find the next few days tough …

Somewhere around here there should be another 30 boats...

Ah, these and more tucked away at Clayton's Corner

Enjoy the good weather while you can boys

Tannin from buttongrass makes the water the colour of tea and impossible to see through except in very shallow patches

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  • sally says:

    Photos lovely. Been great to follow the cruise re your blog.
    Looking forward to more updates.
    Cheers Sally

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