If you’ve looked at a weather map for Schouten Passage in the past while, you will know that the promised lousy weather has materialised. It’s a test of everybody’s gear and we’re keeping a watch for those who might be dragging. We’re also getting on with a multitude of jobs aboard E2.

But, before getting into what to do on boats when the weather is cruddy, a recap on the beach barbeque I was off to yesterday.

How pleasant it was not only to meet some of our fellow voyagers but to feel the clean white sand under our toes at Bryan’s Corner, at the southern end of Freycinet Peninsula.

As many of our beach bbq areas and other stop-off points are National Parks, 4 VDLC boats carry superbly made portable (but bloody heavy) gas barbeques.

Back to this morning, and a couple of us spent an hour up on the roof with the deck hose and a couple of brooms, cleaning off the stuff seagulls leave behind…. and then after a good hour of letting the fresh rain clean off the salt water, we started funnelling it into our water tanks. I wonder if it rains red wine anywhere around the coast.

There are also some small leaks being seen to by The Skipper (rain is the only way to find them!), and The Fisherman has downed rods to be The Handyman. I think we are about to have a smart looking rack of hooks up on the wall!

After lunch we are expecting the wind to change and we will probably get underway and find a new place to hide from the weather. We are safe and dry and the Scrabble board will also be getting a work-out later on.

Barometer – dropping (999 at 11:45)
Grumpometer – variable, depending on how leak-proofing goes
Scrabblometer – strong change forecast

The skipper starts relaxing

Now, how do these fit together again?

Good weather to scrub the roof

The wonderful Rosinante duo

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