Marvel at the Derwent on the Rivers Run tour

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With so much to see and do in Tasmania – and for some visitors, so little time to do it in – there is a lot to be said for creating your itinerary around a specific tour or famous route.

Once you have decided on the type of holiday you want, the planning process can begin and your island state adventure is just around the corner.

For a unique four-day journey that you will never forget, why not wind your way along the Derwent River from Hobart to its source on the fantastic Rivers Run.

You will enter the mountain ranges near Lake St Clair, where the Overland Track from Cradle Mountain comes to an end, enjoying spectacular scenery as you travel.

The route ensures you have plenty of time to slow down and appreciate the ever-changing nature of this majestic river, while spectacular landscape surrounds you at every bend.

Impressive rapids, salmon ponds, historic riverside houses and tall rows of hop frames await you on this idyllic journey.

It can almost begin to feel like you are travelling through charming rural England, until Mount Field National Park and the Central Highlands remind you of Tasmania's unmatched diversity.

In the capital Hobart, the Derwent holds enormous significance as the city's grand and beautiful harbour, where container ships, yachts and fishing vessels all take refuge.

By the time you reach New Norfolk the river has become broad and deep, with exotic trees and historic hotels and churches perched along its lush banks.

Further north-west the Derwent starts to narrow, resulting in mild rapids that are ideal for a fun afternoon of boating and fishing.

At Mount Field, one of Tasmania's first two national parks, you will discover the 40-metre Russell Falls that have been admired for more than a century.

Inland Tasmania thrives on its abundant waterways and on the Rivers Run you are bound to gain an understanding of their importance to the locals.

The River Run Follow The Streams To HobartThe River Run Follow The Streams To Hobart

New Norfolk from Pulpit Rock Lookout

rivershot New Norfolk

Old Farm House Outside Bothwell Image Credit Lonely Planet

Derwent Valley Hop Fields

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